Monday, December 16, 2013

There is a beast in man that needs to be excersised, not exorcised.

Its been a year since we last spoke over this forum, apologies.

Lets do a real fast review of 2013:
We played 9 shows, all in Arizona (which means you are due, not arizona people)
We recorded some songs and have a full length written for the follow to Disease is Our Refrain
We lost two members (David and Dominic)
We added two members (Garret and Matt)

We asked Early Graves a couple questions, they gave a couple answers.
We spoke with Violent Resonance 
Man in Decline still has our records for sale
Anxiety Machine still has our records for sale
We have a shirt for sale

We are playing Sat Jan 11 w EYEHATEGOD  Cattle Decapitation Godhunter Scattered Guts Sorrower at Joes Grotto in Phoenix:

We have updated our show listing and flier listing on this site.
Thank you.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

From the highest valleys to the lowest peaks

JAN 26 we play with the recently tour returned and vice magazine music subsidy profiled Gay Kiss and the gentlemen in Sacred Followers and a third band to be announced (if you are this third band, let Dom know)
Its a benefit for CASA, a rape crisis center that can  use our hard drunken $1's (buy at the not so fancy bar, standard yucca rules)
This was intended to be a benefit for The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Phoenix, but they balked at being associated with the entities named Man In Decline Records and Gay Kiss. Which is their prerogative, but still...weak. Money is money and support is support, punk money still pays the bills. Boys and Girls Club is still a good organization that does good work, but they need to accept "fringe" movements with in their community as forces of positive change...
 This show is going to tear the ass of everyone, so pre purchase new asses and come out and bang your heads, this will be our last scheduled performance in the metro phoenix area as we really need to focus on writing and our side project of sewing the largest poncho known to man.

Stay pissed.

Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year of Our Refrain

We have played 21 shows in 2012 from our record release show in Tempe February 10 to our most recent December 5. We have shared the stage with 60 + bands during this cycle, the shows can be found here:

We took a week long trip up to Portland and back in early March, played around our home of Arizona more than we ever have, and made several small jaunts out to southern California. From the basements in Portland and record shops in Salt Lake to the Glasshouse Theater in Pomona, we met a billion kind and gentle souls that share the same desire/ fire that we posses to continue to do what ever it is we are doing.

We look forward to meeting up with you all again and to hopefully meet some new friends, 2013 will see less Seas Will Rise live (quality over quantity) but that isn't by any means a break or a slight on the shows we played in 2012, more to do with time management and our effort to write and record some sort of follow up to Disease is Our Refrain.

Speaking of which, we  released our full length record in 2012 on Anxiety Machine Records  and Man In Decline Records and digitally thru the Audiosiege imprint on Moshpit Tragedy Records. Audiosiege also did the mastering for our record, and did a bang up job. They also had a huge year, releasing remasters of High on Fire and Sleep and mastering and mixing tons of new releases, as well as welcoming a new member to their immediate family, congrats Brad and welcome Wesley.

Our record was recorded at Arcane Digital Recording with is ran by Ryan Butler of Landmine Marathon, who this year played some sorta of mega festival hosted by some big time recovering addicts, as well as welcomed a new singer to the fold. Krysta killed it and we look forward to more good things from Team Landmine.

We also welcomed a new member, Dominic joined in July and has been a great addition to our band.
With out the contributions of Chad Knapp, this band wouldn't be where it is, ascetically/musically and we look forward to his new projects as they develop. Check out his art work here and look out for new music from him coming down the line.

While this isn't a completely compressive list, because we ask and ask and we receive so much, the following peoples have been stand outs in support of our band and we wish to acknowledge them more then others, but know we appreciate ALL your help:
Mark and Anxiety Machine Records
Dominic and Sherise at Man In Decline Records
Brad at Audiosiege
Rayney at Moshpit Tragedy
Jera and Shay Mehrdad
Mihio Manus/ James Jay
David and all the Godhunter family
Sesar and the boys in Teeph
Corey and Jon in Portland for the great help
Matt and Ryan in Landmine Marathon
Michelle at Mantooth Group
And Satan for being cooler then Christ.

Happy New Year and we hope to continue to meet, be inspired by and enjoy each others company with new/old/forgotten friends.

Stay Pissed.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Silence is our coffin

We have "returned" from our geographical survey of Arizona. Our analysts...and no disrespect for Tucson, but the Ponderosa's of Flagstaff are superior to the desert lowlands of Tucson. But both citys are truly a pleasure for us to play. A different level of excitement comes from these college town's that isn't apparent in the mega sprawl of Phoenix. It is indeed an apples to oranges comparison, but something we wish to note.

Phoenix being 1.5-2 hour drive north or south to either of these ancillary Arizona city's is something that we plan to exploit more then we traditionally do. Bands like Godhunter and Territory in Tucson and Swampwolf in Flagstaff have become great ambassadors to their respected regions and we are lucky to have these people in our corner.

Over the past weekend we got the chance to watch Mutilation Rites twice and we feel that we have had a far better weekend then you, so get familiar with this band. Deal?

Come mid November we fire up the Dodge to head across the Sonoran into the Mohave and descend into low desert chaparral and play Fullerton and San Diego with our friends Lost Lands. The show on the 9th will be the ragers in  Ear/Splitters 3 year anniversary and they hopefully will be hosting a DIY swap meet, so take all our crap of Etsy and bring it down.

San Diego will be an epic time with Diatribe and Age of Collapse. We are bringing a new shirt design from Plagued Visual Design (the talented Greg Colson) and we are sure you will empty your wallets for this one.

In passing...go vote, unless you plan to vote for Romney.

That is all for now

Monday, October 15, 2012

Grand Canyoneers

This week kicks off a relatively busy run to round out what we are now referring to as, "The Year of Our Refrain". If all goes as planned, we plan to use and abuse the intra- and interstate highways to spread our agony and ecstasy across the region. Here's the rundown:

On Wednesday, October 17th, we will be playing live and co-hosting "Into The Void" with our friend Jonathan. Into The Void is ASU's premier (by default) underground heavy music expose and it runs for two hours weekly. We are going to share some of our new decidely punk rock canticles with you, so listen in if you care to be on the ground floor with the next generation of mosh inducing jock rock anthems. Here's their Facebook page:

On Saturday, October 20th, we will be playing the Southwest Terror Fest in Tucson. This should be a hell of a time. See their website for all the details:

On Friday, October 27th, we will be playing Tacos locos in Flagstaff w/ Skeletonwitch, Havok & Mutilation Rites:

On Saturday, October 28th, we will do it all over again and play with the same bill in Scottsdale at Pub Rock:

Come November we will find ourselves in Fullerton Ca for the Ear/Splitters three year anniversary showcase on Nov 9 and in San Diego Nov 10 at the Steinhouse. We are playing these shows with our friends Lost Lands from Long Beach. Lost Lands sounds like Disfear meeting your face like a prize fighters fist. Stoked to be finally sharing a stage with these knuckleheads is a relief: our first shows in Southern California were with an earlier incarnation of this band and its high time we crossed paths again.

Finally, in writing and recording news: we recorded rough demos of 7 new songs over the weekend and are well on our way to having material for a new full-length and some splits that will see the light of day after the new year.

That's it for now; hopefully, we'll see you in the coming weeks.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Southwest Terror Fest

We haven't spoken to you in a while and we will take several moments (this one, which will soon be passing) to give you sage insight into the comings and goings of this collection of responsible citizens we call seas will rise.

We have several shows in place to round out the Year of our Refrain and they include several Arizona shows. Two of which we will expand upon right now.

We recently played with our friends in the Portland OR based band HONDURAN in Flagstaff AZ. It was a great time with great people and we have been wanting to share our despair with the peoples of the Kaibob plateau for years and glad that it was w/ the bands that played that night. Steve from Swampwolf was a gracious host and put on a hell of a gathering. Thanks to Amy for putting us up/knocking us down. AYE CARLY! Cheers Flagstaff!

Our next short trip from the sprawl of the metro Phoenix area will be to Tucson AZ for the Southwest Terror Fest. This is the inaugural gathering of this HEAVY festival put on by David from Godhunter and other headbangers from brown town. The lineup is decidedly bent towards Arizona hardhitters (that is such a lame description used by lame journalists. Color us lame though, because totally using it then totally justify using it by calling  it lame but ironically using it) with some guest appearances by touring acts such as HULL, Pigeon Wing and Bereft.

What makes this fest really exciting for us, aside from it being in our grand canyon state and in Tucson which has always been a pleasure to play, is its packed to the brim with heavy bands and priced less then an extra large pizza. Gregory Colson, who makes amazingly dark designs, did an bang up job on the art for this festival and we encourage all of you to take a moment to check out his work at Plagued Visual Designs

So pile into a van, hop a train or at the very least use your parents quick trip gas card to get down to Tucson Oct 19th and 20th.

We will have more info soon on another Flagstaff show and a short run in southern a new comp we will be on as well.

As usual, stay pissed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

End Us in Chino Hills

We had an amazing time in California last weekend.We're truly honored to share our music and the experience(s) with everyone involved. It was a surreal experience to say the least and we would like totake a quick minute to thank the people that made this weekend so great:

Rayney at Moshpit Tragedy: it was a pleasure meeting you in person, Bud, thanks again for everything!

Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE Media: thanks for always being in our corner.

Jeff and Josh and everyone involved with Beyond andScion A/V: thanks for taking such good care of us. We envy your Peter Pan lives.

Our airplane mates in Morne: you are incredibly kind/rad dudes and seeing you play was a highlight of our trip. We hope to play together again soon.

Joe Grindo and the Skarp crew for hanging into the wee hours and letting us play 10 minutes of their 20-minute set. We’re better for knowing you.

And all the other maniacs in Phobia and Total Fucking Destruction: thanks for blazing fast daytime grind and excessive poolside drinking.

Sherise at Man In Decline Records for dealing with us in her car, her room, her dinners, and for sitting in endless blankets of sticky heat to sell t shirts and records. Saying she’s a trooper is an understatement.

Thanks to the crew of The Glass House and the backline company as well as the photographers and interview team for being fun people and excessive drinkers (and professional human beings, of course).

Amy Rial and Greg Mauri for driving gear and overloaded duct taped boxes around Los Angeles county for us and Skarp. Thanks, we would have been playing air guitar without you.

And the people that treated us well at the Joint; you,Sirs, are also sweet and gentle souls.

Finally, the biggest thank you: to all the people who purchased our records, said a kind word, and left us kind messages on social media sites—thank you so much. We appreciate all your support and love being able to meet you. Speaking of support, we can’t acknowledge those who support us without saying an EXTRA MEGA special thank you to Michael and his lady friend who red eyed it from PHX to Pomona to catch our set. You are all true believers.

Ok. That’s probably enough emotional gushing for now. We will be back in California before you know it. We’ll let you know when and where on this blog. We hope to catch up with you then.

stay pissed.